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Black Lives Matter
God’s unconditional love is for everyone, and everyone is significant in His eyes. At Church Army we serve anyone regardless of their age, gender, race, sexuality, faith, ability, status, or circumstances. So, we pray against the evil of racism and we pray for God’s justice and peace.
Church Army has joined with other Anglican mission agencies to publish an open letter in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. The open letter has been distributed by USPG and reads as per below:

4 June 2020

Dear Editor,

We wish to express our outrage and condemnation at the brutal killing of George Floyd and express our heartfelt solidarity with the African-American communities of the United States and with all within our own country who experience the pernicious nature of racism. Such racism, whether it leads to murderous violence or manifest itself in everyday acts of discrimination and prejudice is abhorrent, offensive in the sight of God and a denial of our common humanity.

As leaders of Anglican mission agencies who work in partnership with churches in the UK and throughout the wider Anglican Communion, we stand in solidarity with the expression that ‘Black Lives Matter’. Whilst we reject violence of any kind, through our work we re-commit ourselves to speak out and stand up against every form of racism.

In seeking to express deep solidarity with our sisters and brothers from minority ethnic communities within the US and this country, we acknowledge the pervasive and systemic reality of racism within ourselves, our communities and the structures of British society. We recognize that this racism has deep historical roots, which shape our institutions, the practices of our communities and the attitudes of individuals and societies. The appalling treatment of members of the Windrush generation in recent years is just one monstrous example.

We recognize that discussion of racism cannot be separated from an exploration of white privilege and the historical legacies of the Transatlantic Slave trade and British imperialism. We also recognize that those of us who benefit from the historic privileges associated with whiteness have a responsibility to question that privilege and seek to understand something of the pervasive character of everyday racism suffered by our brothers and sisters.

As Christians working in the British Isles and across the globe, our work is rooted in an affirmation of the fundamental dignity and value of all God’s children made in his image. In solidarity with fellow Anglican, the Most Revd Michael Curry the Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church, we (unequivocally) condemn (outright) the way in which Donald Trump sought to evoke the power of the Christian tradition to justify his actions in response to the crisis by posing in front of St John’s Church, Washington DC and wielding a bible. The word of God offers us a way of life not a snatched photo opportunity or sound bite.

Black Lives Matter to all of us.

The Revd Duncan Dormor
General Secretary, USPG

The Revd Richard Bromley
Mission Director, Intercontinental Church Society

Sam Richardson
Chief Executive, SPCK & IVP

Des Scott
Chief Executive, Church Army

The Revd Canon Andrew Wright
Secretary General, Mission to Seafarers

Download the open letter.