Carolyn Kinsman, 27/06/2017
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We are so grateful for the committed prayer and generosity of our supporting churches. Regular donations do more than just facilitate our frontline work, they show a sharing of our vision, a support for our projects and a desire to partner with us in the bringing of God’s Kingdom. We also firmly believe that giving is good for both individuals and church families.

Partnership is more than a word to us.
If you stand with us, we commit to pray for your church, to thank God for you, and to keep you updated on the impact that your support has in the lives of real people, including useful prayer points to help you to pray for those you are helping.
We also commit to offering you everything we can to resource your own evangelism and to help transform the community that God has placed you in.
Church Army works in almost every area of need across the British Isles and Ireland: vulnerable women; young people who experience self-harm; ex-offenders; lonely elderly people; the homeless; families and schools; and many more.
Your church could choose to partner with a specific project or Centre of Mission and receive updates on the life-changing work that you facilitate. Alternatively, you can give generally to the work of Church Army and know that every penny you give goes straight to our frontline work, activating change and transforming communities across the British Isles and Ireland.
If you would like to discuss partnering with us further, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Clare Essam on 0114 2521655, or

How can we help people in your church to share their faith?
We want to be known and to know you and your church
We need your prayers and we love to pray for you too. Tell us what you are doing in your church and how we can support you in prayer.
We are inviting you to put your resources at the disposal of the kingdom, to invest in the life-changing work of Church Army.
Find out how you can join in with the month-long party of praise, thanksgiving and celebration of what God has done in and through Church Army.
Carolyn Kinsman, 27/06/2017
Carolyn Kinsman, 25/05/2017