Carolyn Kinsman, 13/12/2017
Gill has lived on the Caia Park estate in Wrexham, for the past 32 years. After a few tough years, and walking away from her faith, she has come back to church and to God.
Colin* grew up with no support, no encouragement and no aspirations. In adulthood he fell into a life scarred by addiction to alcohol and drugs. But that wasn't the end of Colin's story...
Megan lives on the Caia Park estate in Wrexham, one of the most deprived estates in the Wales. Megan had never heard about Jesus or had positive role models until she started coming to the Tin Can Youth Hut.
Zeenat, an IT trainer, found herself homeless and sleeping on buses. Helped by the Marylebone Project's drop-in centre, she is desperate to find a stable home and return to work. Read and watch Zeenat sharing her story... (Photo credit: Jeremy Selwyn)
Talented violinst, Cambridge degree, homeless and being helped by our Marylebone Project. Sophia shares her story of mental illness and homeless so voices like hers are heard. Sophia shares more in this video and article... (Photo credit: Jeremy Selwyn)
Hear Tyler's story of finding faith through our Greenwich Centre of Mission. Abbey Wood is a deprived area where young people's futures are stolen by violence, drugs and knife crime that has arisen out of poverty.
Deborah was struggling with mental health problems. But then she met Jane in Winn Gardens estate, Sheffield who introduced her to Jesus. Deborah tells us a bit of her story...
Andrea has faced a lifetime of struggles after being born with hydrocephalus. After being rushed to hospital on the brink of starvation, Andrea met our evangelist, Val, who offered her new hope for the future by becoming her carer.
Carolyn Kinsman, 13/12/2017