Carolyn Kinsman, 04/01/2018
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we're so glad you enjoyed being salt & Light!

We've been praying that you've felt challenged and inspired by the reflections and dares in the weekly emails. Have you been doing the dares? Tell us what you've been up - we'd love to hear!

We know it's hard to wait another year for our Lent reflections, so whilst you're waiting, here are a few things to read, watch or do...


Read thoughts and reflections from a range of people on themes like responding to Coronavirus, creative community, Messy Church, finding Jesus today and more...

Film stories

Find out more about who Church Army is, what we do and stories from those we're walking alongside.

Stories of transformation

Read firsthand stories of how God has used us to make a real difference in people's lives.


Take a look back through our year as we share some of the highlights.

Hannah Ling, 16/04/2019